Draught Still Ciders


Draught Still Ciders available in 10 litres or 20 litres bag in box, choose from our Vintage sweet, medium or dry or our single variety cider in medium or dry.

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We use Bag in Boxes for our draught ciders as they are a fabulous way of keeping cider tasting great! Ten litres (approx. 17.5 pints) or twenty litres (approx. 35 pints) for you to enjoy and a fantastic drink to share at a party or event! Once opened, the cider should be consumed within 3 months.

Our Draught Cider range:
King Brain Vintage Sweet Cider
King Brain Vintage Medium Cider
King Brain Vintage Dry Cider
King Brain Single Variety *Dunkerton Late Cider Medium
King Brain Single Variety *Dunkerton Late Cider Dry

*Single variety cider availability may vary across the year as we make small quantities of different single varieties from our heritage Somerset cider orchards. When that particular batch of cider is finished, we have to wait for the next year’s cider to be ready!

King Brain Vintage Cider
Our organic orchards have many delicious, local cider apple varieties which we blend and age to make our Organic Vintage Cider. The breadth of flavour from our cider apples matures into a deep, fruity, full bodied delicious vintage Somerset cider, available in sweet, medium or dry.

Contains Sulphites

6.5% ABV

King Brain Single Variety Cider
We also offer single variety ciders with the variety we have available varying over the course of the year. Our current single variety cider available as draught cider in a bag in box is: Dunkerton Late, available in Medium or Dry. Our Dunkerton Late cider is a very popular single variety cider of lovely character and quality with a crisp, light and fruity finish.

Contains Sulphites

6.5% ABV

Additional information

Vintage or Single Variety

Vintage Cider, Single Variety Cider

Sweet, Medium or Dry

Sweet, Medium, Dry

Bag Size

10 Litre, 20 Litre


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