Our Farm

The King Brain family and Little Weston Farm

Jon and Matt are at least the fifth generation of the King Brain family to farm at Little Weston, which nestles at the foot of Cadbury Castle, in beautiful, rural Somerset.

Our spring water drinks and ciders are all made here at Little Weston on our organic farm.

On our farm we have beautiful green pastures, hay meadows and traditional cider orchards. Our herd of suckler cows graze the pastures and cider orchards with their calves. Farming organically means we do not use artificial fertiliers or pesticides. The way that we farm is to work in harmony with our environment.

It is very important to us that we look after our soils, enhance biodiversity, provide good wildlife habitat and preserve the natural beauty of the landscape we farm. We have developed our organic spring water drinks and ciders, made by us from start to finish on the farm, with the same ethos of farming our land sustainably and for the benefit of our environment.

How we farm sustainably

We keep suckler cows and calves on our organic farm to graze our species rich hay meadows and pastures. The cattle grazing helps ensure that we have a more varied sward structure in our grass pastures which contain many different species of herbs, grasses and flowers such as quaking grass, pignut and bird’s foot trefoil.

We cut the meadow grass to make hay each Summer to ensure
our cattle have enough to eat in the Winter months.

Cutting the grass for hay also helps to maintain our herb rich pastures with wildflowers and grasses that provide pollen and nectar for bees and other insects. Our cattle also graze our traditional cider orchards which contain many heritage Somerset cider apple varieties and support a wide range of insects and birds.

We keep our field hedgerows thick to ensure they are stock proof to keep our cattle in, but they also provide valuable food and nesting places for birds and wildlife. Our grassland fields are permanent pastures which means that we don’t reseed them. This has helped to preserve the diversity of grasses and wild flowers that grow naturally and also some ancient medieval ridge and furrow; historical features in the fields created by farmers ploughing the land centuries ago.

Our organic orchards and pastures provide homes and habitats to a wide range of wildlife including rabbits, foxes and badgers. Newts and toads enjoy the wetter areas of the farm and birds such as lapwings and lesser spotted woodpeckers love the meadows and orchards.

We are proud to make our own delicious, organic sparkling fruit pressés and ciders on the farm using our natural spring water and our home-grown elderflowers, rhubarb and cider apples. We love being able to create our drinks whilst sustainably farming our land in harmony with the environment. You can buy our delicious organic spring water sparkling fruit pressés and ciders online, or visit us and buy direct from the farm!