Our Drinks

Organic Sparkling Spring Water Fruit Pressés and Cider

On our organic farm we make delicious, sparkling fruit pressés with our natural spring water and a range of fabulous Somerset ciders with organic cider apples from our heritage orchards.

Jon and Matt are at least the fifth generation of the King Brain family farming at Little Weston Farm.

All of our drinks are made by us here on our organic farm and are available to buy online or come and visit us at Little Weston Farm and buy direct!

Our Organic Natural Spring water Sparking Fruit Pressés

We have a natural spring on our farm which has been supplying fresh water to the farm and nearby houses for centuries.

We capture the pure, natural spring water and mix this with fresh, organic ingredients which are carefully prepared by us to create a wonderfully refreshing range of non-alcoholic, sparkling spring water fruit pressés. We make three delicious, organic sparkling spring water drinks; elderflower pressé, rhubarb and ginger pressé, and lemon pressé.

We are delighted to have been awarded Gold Taste of the West Awards 2022 for each of our pressés!


Our Elderflower Pressé

Our organic elderflowers are hand picked from the wild elderflower trees in our traditional, thickly growing farm hedgerows and we have planted many more elderflower trees in our gorgeous ‘elderflower orchard’ on the farm.

Our deliciously fragrant elderflowers are infused with freshly cut and pressed organic lemons and oranges with pure, organic sugar, then filtered and mixed with our natural spring water to produce our refreshing, sparkling organic elderflower spring water pressé.

Our Rhubarb and Ginger Pressé

We have planted our own field of rhubarb to provide our own freshly pulled organic rhubarb for our amazing organic rhubarb and ginger sparkling pressé. We gently steam the rhubarb with organic root ginger and pure, organic sugar to infuse their flavours.

We press the organic lemons and mix the fresh lemon juice together with our natural spring water and infused rhubarb and ginger producing our beautifully pink, delicious, sparkling organic rhubarb and ginger spring water pressé.


Our Lemon Pressé

Our sparkling lemon pressé is made with organic lemons which we hand-press to capture their sun-drenched juices and mix with pure, organic sugar and our sparkling natural spring water to create a superb sparkling organic lemon spring water pressé.

King Brain Organic Sparkling Elderflower Pressé
King Brain Organic Sparkling Rhubarb and Ginger Pressé
King Brain Organic Sparkling Lemon Pressé

Our Ciders

All of the apples we use in our ciders are grown organically by us in our traditional cider orchards on the farm. We have many different varieties of cider apple, including many heritage varieties, such as Yarlington Mill and Dunkerton Late.

We harvest our apples in the Autumn and press them ourselves, deciding which apple varieties to blend to make our Vintage cider and which we will press as single variety ciders. The juice ferments into cider, a process which lasts at least six months until the cider is perfect and ready to drink the following Summer!

At the British Cider Championships at the Bath & West Show 2022 we won best in class and two further gold awards for our ciders!

We can offer:

Draught ciders:

King Brain Vintage – Sweet, Medium or Dry Still Cider in 10 or 20 litre bag in boxes

Organic Bottled Sparkling Ciders:

King Brain Organic Vintage sparkling cider
King Brain Organic Dunkerton Late sparkling cider
King Brain Organic Kingston Black sparkling cider
King Brain Organic Sweet Coppin sparkling cider
King Brain Organic Yarlington Mill sparkling cider
King Brain Organic Cider with Elderflower

The Ethos of King Brain Drinks

The provenance and authenticity of our drinks is very important to us. Our family have made cider with heritage variety Somerset cider apples for generations. We make all our spring water sparkling fruit pressés and ciders using natural, organic ingredients. Wherever possible, we grow the ingredients on our organic farm and orchards in Somerset. We pick, press and bottle our drinks ourselves, making our pressés and ciders from start to finish on the farm.

It’s very important to us that our drinks are of the highest quality and we are very proud that all of our spring water drinks and bottled ciders meet the rigorous standards required to be certified organic by the Soil Association.

You can buy our delicious drinks online or direct from our farm.